What does an elementary school counselor do?

Elementary Counselors’ Calendar of Activities


Discuss with teachers and students the roles and responsibilities of counselors.

Plan and execute for counseling and other direct services for students.

Provide school orientation for new students, parents, and teachers.

Schedule guidance activities with faculty/ Bully Prevention

Use data available at the school site to help plan the counseling program


Identify the needs of at-risk students and refer to appropriate individuals and/or services.

Plan with school staff to use test results to improve student performance.

Meet with the counseling program advisory committee.

Begin guidance activities in cooperation with school staff/ Bully Prevention                                                                     

Meet with the Safe School Committee.

G/T referrals and testing.

Attend professional development ; State Department of Education’s

 Encyclo-Media conference and the Oklahoma School

Counselor Association’s workshops

Assist with parent/teacher conferences


Consult with school staff, parents, and students regarding academic difficulties

Participate in substance abuse prevention activities ; Red Ribbon Week,

Bully-Free Week, Character Week/ Bully Prevention


Assist staff in recognizing student accomplishment and improvement.

Coordinate community resources for students who have special needs,

(ie. Shoes, clothing)

Attend the pretest in-service workshop conducted by the State Department of Education for State testing.

Classroom Guidance Counseling & Bully Prevention


Review school data from first semester and make appropriate adjustments if needed

Consult with parents and teachers regarding student progress.

                Classroom Guidance Counseling & Bully Prevention


Inform parents of the test dates scheduled for the student testing program

Be familiar with and distribute the Parent, Student and Teacher Guide for the student testing program when available.

Classroom Guidance Counseling & Bully Prevention

February :

Assist teachers in integrating career concepts into the curriculum

Provide activities to observe National School Counseling Week (1st full week in February)

Classroom Guidance Counseling & Bully Prevention


Organize the data for the counseling program evaluation

Provide guidance activities to motivate and prepare students for the student testing program

Classroom Guidance Counseling & Bully Prevention


Provide guidance activities to motivate and prepare students for the

student testing program

Organize and coordinate state testing program

Complete counseling program evaluation and plan for improvement.


Plan for student transition to the middle or junior high schools

Plan for student recognition and awards


Classroom Guidance

Individual counseling with students

Pyramid of Intervention referrals

Coordinate, schedule and assist in meetings throughout the year including but not limited to testing, school activities, emotional/behavioral issues, IEP’s, 504’s, and other meetings upon request of parents, teachers, administrators, and community agencies.

Special assistance  referrals, SSI referrals, move- in referrals/placements

G/T testing


Health issues


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